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Flowering Osmanthus, known as kinmokusei in Japan, is a well known tiny orange-flowered bush that perfumes the air with it's delicate peach-tea like fragrance in the Auntumn. The petals are used throughout Asia to flavor teas and jams, and the gorgeous fruity Osmanthus absolute is the inspiration for this perfume.

Other aromatic plants found throughout Asia lend their special aromatic essences to this special blend. Green Tea and tulip tree play up the subtle tea-like nuances of the Osmanthus (and lend their rich dark green color!), Magnolia Flower & Jasmine help to bolster the floral-like aspects, while Mandarin lends its sweet fruity aroma. Resins anchor and give the blend a beautiful warm musky base.

Available in a 14 ml glass atomizer, or give our 1 ml sample sized vial a try!

If you have never experienced a totally botanical perfume before: they do wear differently than synthetics. You will notice your perfume evolve over time, with the lighter top notes dissipating first, and the deep, heavier notes evaporating last. Natural perfumes will not linger as long as synthetic ones. They may also react with your body chemistry differently than others, making the scent truly unique to you!

Note: This perfume has a deep green color thanks to a few of the plant may stain light clothing, so take care!

Ingredients: Alcohol, Essential oils & Plant Absolutes.

Black Kimono

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