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Gorgeously aromatic, botanically-fueled toner that will leave your skin hydrated, and over time may help to brighten those uneven skin tones. Formula is alcohol-free and will not leave your skin feeling dry or tight!

**Ingredient Highlights**

Papaya Leaf Hydrosol: Thanks to its naturally occurring enzymes, papaya has skin brightening abilities and can lighten freckles and age spots with continued use over time.

Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Extract: Contains alpha arbutin which is used as a natural skin lightener that works by reducing melanin production. Bearberry has been shown to be quite effective at lightening skin pigment imperfections such as age spots, sun spots, Melasma, and blotchy skin tone for a more uniform, brighter complexion

Lemon Peel Bioferment: Inhibits melanogenesis by tyrosinase inhibition, making it ideal for correcting irregular skin pigmentation.

Willow Bark Extract: Exfoliates the skin with naturally occuring ß-hydroxy acid, enhances skin cell turnover by promoting exfoliation, resulting in a general improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Licorice Root Extract: Studies have shown it may be of benefit in skin lightening as it contains liquiritin and isoliquertin, flavonoid containing glycosides which induce skin lightening by dispersing melanin pigment and enhancing more even pigment distribution.

Niacinimide (Vitamin B3): Clinical studies have shown topical niacinamide to be effective in improving skin texture and the appearance of hyperpigmented spots, with improvement in red blotchiness, and the reduction of the severity of fine lines. It may also help repair the skin's barrier functions.

Glucosamine: Has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation and increase the production of hyaluronic acid, a water binding polymer found in the skin, which results in improved hydration. It also has skin exfoliating properties similar to alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, without the irriation. 

Urea: Has keratolytic properties and is used to help with the rapid turnover of skin cells leading to the improvement of dry scaly skin. Urea is both a humectant and moisturizer that promotes rehydration of the skin and helps to replenish natural urea content of the skin lost with cleansing. 

Volume: 2 Fl Ounces


Check out the rest of the luxurious ingredients included in this packed little bottle:

**Ingredients: Organic Papaya Leaf Hydrosol, Organic Rose Hip Hydrosol, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Lemon Hydrosol, Niacinimide (Vitamin B3), Glucosamine, Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Extract, Lemon Peel Bioferment, Willow Bark Extract, Organic Licorice Root Extract, Urea, Sodium Lactate, Neodefend, Olivem-300, Vanilla, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, & Neroli Extracts.

Comes in a Glass 2 oz bottle with a spray applicator top.

Brightening Botanical Toner

  • "I've been experiencing a bumper crop of pimples which is highly unusual for me, worse an overactive melanin response leaves dark marks where ever the breakouts have dried. I originally purchased this to help in lightening dark patches, not only does it have a brightening effect it stopped these pesky pimples from spreading! 

    Seller has been extremely helpful in creating this listing and even sent some lovely freebies along, thank you! I have a few other products that I purchased from this store, highly effective, great quality, will definitely be a repeat customer."


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