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Volume: 24 ml


This sunshine-hued serum gets its golden color from Calendula Extract....a fabulous herb used for hundreds of years for its healing and soothing powers. Formulated with skin healing and regeneration in mind, this facial oil contains a blend of luxurious carrier oils designed to be non-greasy and absorb into your skin in a flash, leaving behind soft and radiant skin.

Ingredient Highlights:

**Helio Carrot Root Extract: The combination of beta-carotene plus Vitamin A and E in this extract is ideal for skin care. Wondrous for dry, chafed and inflamed skin, Helio Carrot Root oil is also said to promote building new skin cells making it splendid in anti-aging skin care. 

**Argan Oil: 100% Pure oil from Morocco, certified organic, rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Also called“liquid gold” for several good reasons; starting with the amount of nuts required (66 pounds) to make just 32 ounces of rich golden oil, highly acclaimed skin therapy benefits, and the laborious hand processing (start to finish) necessary to produce authentic pure virgin Argan oil. 

**Borage Seed Extract: Higher in gamma-linolenic acid/Omega 6 than any currently known naturally occurring oil. Very positive results have been documented with Borage Seed in the treatment of eczema, prematurely aged skin, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis, since it is known to be helpful in stimulating and regenerating skin cell activity.

**Helichrysum Itallicum Essential Oil: A plant-based powerhouse! The major components in Helichrysum italicum are alpha pinene, neryl acetate, gamma-curcumene, and di-ketones called italidiones. Italidiones are found in no other essential oil and are unique to Helichrysum italicum. Neryl acetate gives distinct, relaxing effects that may reduce tension of the tissues in the area of trauma or injury and gamma-curcumene is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Borage Seed CO2 Extract, Helio Carrot Root CO2 Extract, Calendula CO2 Extract, Chamomile, Helichrysum, Lavender, & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, Rose & Jasmine Absolutes.

Calendula Calm Facial Oil - Healing Serum

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