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This is a limited edition, limited quantity set!


Did you know that I (Krista for you newcomers) have alpacas? It's true. One is named Beverly, and the other Juliette. You are probably wondering where this is headed, so I'll get to it and save you any more moments of suspense!


These dryer balls are handmade from my very own Alpaca's Wool. What are dryer balls you ask? Well, they are an environmentally friendly substitution for those dryer sheets you have been using...minus the artificial fragrances! These natural wool balls have the ability to reduce static, and also to lower the dry time on your loads. Each dryer ball is made with a 100% Alpaca core, and some are decorated with dyed merino wool.


This set includes three handfelted dryer balls, and two scent blends! Essential oils do not have the same staying power as pthalate-filled fragrances, but I have anchored these blends with Benzoin Resin...a natural fixative that has a nice vanilla-like scent to help make the scents last a bit longer. Drying on a lower heat, or adding the oils at the end of your dry cycle will also help keep scent on your clothes!


 'Citrus Grove' is made with uplifitng citrus essential oils, blended with some all-natural fragrance to boost the scent. The addition of Benzoin gives it a nice sweet twist! 'Lavender Haze' is made mostly of lavender essential oil, blended with an all-natural fragrance that brings in notes of coconut milk, while Tonka Bean & Cedarwood essential oils anchor the blend along with some Benzoin resin. Both are lovely blends that will keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean!

Dryer Ball and Essential Oil Set

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