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This is a very special limited edition perfume made with a labor-intensive lilac pomade made with the French technique of enfleurage. The pomade is made by exposing Organic Coconut Oil to fresh lilac blooms daily for 27 days. The resulting lilac-soaked oil is then 'washed' with a alcohol to capture the heady scent of blooming lilacs.


This perfume is made using this alcohol, and a carefully selected supporting cast of essential oils, resins and plant absolutes.


Linden Blossom and Mimosa lend their honey-sweet aromas, while Galbanum and Nerolina bring balance with their sharp keep green edges. Harmonizing florals Turkish Rose and Jasmine round out the lilac notes, while Butterfly Lily adds a bit of opulent headiness. Precious woods Sandalwood and Orris ground this beautiful perfume, while the extremely rare Agarwood transports the blend from good to mesmerizing.


Comes in a 15 ml glass spray bottle, or give it a try in a 1 ml sample bottle.

Fairy Blooms Perfume

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