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Look away vegans.....

For the bacon lover in your life, I bring you: Bacon Soap. 

Made with the real deal, this product took some serious gastronomical dedication to produce.....pounds of bacon were cooked to crispy perfection, and many blts, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and greasy fingers later this soap was born. What won't we do in the interest of producing a seriously awesome bar of soap! (It was rough.....but the arduous job fell to us, and we did not fail you in our bacon consuming task)

For those of you who can't bear not to have bacon incorporated into every facet of your life, you can now take it with you into the shower. You know you want to. Why wait for breakfast? (And this kind is perfectly safe for use in the nude...unlike the frying kind...ouch, don't try that)

Ingredients: Bacon Fat*, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Castor Oil*, Organic Shea Butter*, Lye, Mineral Pigment, Titanium Dioxide.


Note: While this soap is made with bacon, and looks like bacon, it is fragrance-free, so it does NOT smell particularly bacon-y. Slight traces of residual bacon smell come through, but it mostly just smells like a good clean bar of soap.


***Now available by popular demand...a scented version to which a Bacon Fragrance has been added. The fragrance is pthlalate-free and adds a smoky delicious bacon scent to your bar***

Hog Wash! - Bacon Soap

  • "This is going to be fun to give to my son who agrees that bacon should be in every facet of life! lol"


    "Perfect! Wonderful gift. Thanks so much! Fast shipping."


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