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Looking for an eye serum that is simply packed with anti-aging botanicals, antioxidants, & vitamins that will help your delicate eye area look smooth & hydrated while banishing puffiness? Look no further! This water-free formulation is packed with effective plant-based ingredients and actives designed to nourish, regenerate, and keep you looking your best!

Metal roller ball applicator is cooling and soothing, and perfectly massages a light layer of this fast absorbing oil serum into your under eye area.


5ml roller bottle

Ingredient Highlights:

**Bakuchiol: Is a plant-derived terpenophenol compound that’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, similar to those of retinol. Like retinol, bakuchiol works to turn over skin cells, making room for newer, fresher, better-appearing cells to come to the top. It also pushes collagen (a skin-strengthening protein) to the surface for more elastic, youthful-looking skin.

**Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate* is a very stable, oil-soluble Vitamin C ester. Studies have shown it to stimulate collagen production as well as clarifying and brightening the skin by inhibiting melanogenesis (the production of pigment) thereby promoting a more even skin tone. Unlike ascorbic acid, it will not exfoliate or irritate skin.

**Date Extract* this botanical active has been clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy and free radical scavenging properties. Its unique complex of 7 natural compounds work synergistically to delay the visible signs of aging.

**Lupine Extract* Contains lupeol which stimulates the synthesis of a high-quality collagen to increase skin elasticity and firmness.

**Blueberry Seed Oil* cold pressed from blueberry seeds, is a potent source of tocopherols, carotenoids and natural antioxidants. It is high in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, containing a high percentage of alpha linolenic acid.

**Coffee Bean Oil* contains caffeine, which helps deflate puffy skin by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation. It also helps drain excess blood and lymph fluid to temporarily deflate puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles, making you look well-rested.

**L22 Lipid Complex* delivers lipid components in a balance similar to what your own skin produced in young adulthood.

**Cucumber Seed Oil: Is an extraordinarily beneficial oil rich in phytosterols, tocopherols, tocotrienols, and fatty acids that is remarkable for mature skin, promotes the reduction of wrinkles and is an excellent addition in anti-aging formulations.

Ingredients: Bluebery Seed Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil, Coffee Bean Oil, L22 Lipid Complex (Jojoba Oil/Macadamia Seed Oil Esters, Squalene, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, Phytosterols, Tocopherol) Amaranth Oil, Vitamins C & E, Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid, Castor Oil, Lupine Extract, Date Extract, Elderberry Extract, Carrot Seed Extract.

Intensive Eye Serum - Bakuchiol, Vitamin C, Blueberry, Lupine & Date

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