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Synthetic perfumes are laced with petrol-chemicals: phthalates, phenols, and other toxic chemicals can disrupt hormones, endocrine systems and more! Ditch these dastardly compounds, use pure essential oils and absolutes to perfume your life, promote your health, and elevate your soul!

*Mystique*: A lavish blend of precious floral oils: Organic Bitter Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Bulgarian Rose balanced with sharp Petitgrain and dry Bergamot. Musky base notes Cistus and Ambrette Seed blend their way into every note of this perfume, giving it lovely depth and mystery.

Pictured is the perfume in a 10 ml Roll On or 10 ml Spray Bottle. If you're not wanting to commit to the full size there is a small 1 ml sample vial available.

**About Natural Perfumes**

¨ Using all-natural plant oils to create perfume results in a product that is as different from synthetic chemical perfumes as a real bouquet is from plastic flowers. You will find that just as real flowers will wilt and decay, so a natural perfume will not last as long as it’s synthetic counterpart. 

¨ Your perfume will also evolve over time. A well-blended natural blend will contain different ‘notes’. Top notes are the ones your nose will detect first, and having the smallest molecules they will also evaporate more quickly that the middle and base notes. Middle notes form the ‘heart’ of your perfume, and eventually these too will evaporate, leaving you with the deep sensuous base notes.

¨ Plant based perfumes will also interact with your body chemistry, and may smell totally different on a friend than they do on you!

¨ Natural perfumes wear close to the skin. The entire room will not have their eyes watering from your scent! It is a more intimate essence that those close to you can appreciate.

¨ Enjoy the variability and diversity of your new perfume!

Paintings are art for the eyes, music is art for the ears, and natural perfumes are art for the nose...We hope you enjoy this bottle of olfactory art!


  • "I'd give this 10 stars!! It's less oily than essential oils roll ons, smells amazing and lasts a long time!! I love it!!"



    "This smells divine and is perfect as a spray for the spring and summer. I truly love this scent."


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