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This fragrance is woven together with 100% Pure Botanical Ingredients in a beautiful blend designed to whisk you away to your happy place. 

--About this Perfume--
Juicy Yuzu and softly floral lavender contrast with the green notes of Galbanum and Violet Leaf. Enchanting Jasmine, Pink Lotus, and Boronia fill the heart with their lush petal-sweetness, base notes of delicately woody Orris, Organic Vanilla and the scent-of-sunshine Hay support the lovely harmony created by these fabulous and rare plant essences.

'Sultry Spell' comes in a glass 15 ml spray perfume atomizer with a unique 'hat' for a lid! Also available is a small 1 ml sample vial if you would like to try a bit before purchasing the full size.

**About Natural Perfumes**

¨ Using all-natural plant oils to create perfume results in a product that is as different from synthetic chemical perfumes as a real bouquet is from plastic flowers. You will find that just as real flowers will wilt and decay, so a natural perfume will not last as long as it’s synthetic counterpart. 

¨ Your perfume will also evolve over time. A well-blended natural blend will contain different ‘notes’. Top notes are the ones your nose will detect first, and having the smallest molecules they will also evaporate more quickly that the middle and base notes. Middle notes form the ‘heart’ of your perfume, and eventually these too will evaporate, leaving you with the deep sensuous base notes.

¨ Plant based perfumes will also interact with your body chemistry, and may smell totally different on a friend than they do on you!

¨ Natural perfumes wear close to the skin. The entire room will not have their eyes watering from your scent! It is a more intimate essence that those close to you can appreciate.

¨ Enjoy the variability and diversity of your new perfume!

Sultry Spell

  • "This smells wonderful & it's lasting longer than expected!! Great find!!"



    "Very nice scent for summer and beyond! I love it."


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