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Can't decide which lip balms to purchase? Check out these curated flavor groupings to find your favorites!

This set of 4 combines tea-inspired flavors, perfect for gifting....for yourself or a friend!

*Vanilla-Green Tea Latte*- Perfect for Tea-Lovers, this unique blend of real Green Tea Extract, sweet Vanilla, and creamy Butter Extract will be a sweet treat for wherever you go!

*Jasmine Green Tea*- A sophisticated blend of Green Tea Extract (which is naturally full of antioxidants!), fragrantly floral Jasmine absolute, and a hint of Lemon essential oil makes a delightful balm for tea-lovers.

*Mint Mango Iced Green Tea*- Cool peppermint, fruity mango, and green tea extract make this the perfect lip balm for tea lovers. (Bonus: it also adds a boost of antioxidants for your lips!)

*Earl Grey*- Classic tea inspired blend...for you or your sophisticated friend. Cock pinky while applying and enjoy!

***Check out the individual listings for these balms to find the full ingredient lists. They contain Beeswax, Organic Oils and Butters, Stevia to help the flavors pop, and real plant extracts and infusions for artificial OR natural flavorings are in any of these delicious tubes!***

Tea Time

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