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Conquering Body pit at a time.

Everybody has that one thing that sets them off on a new inspiration that takes them into experimentation land, that leads them to the Eureka! moment, that turns into a lifelong pathway.

Well, my inspiration was Deodorant.

Yup, just that unassuming tube of goo we all slather ourselves with every morning in order to make ourselves acceptable to our fellow man. After researching the pros and cons of aluminum based antiperspirants, I decided the cons outweighed the pros, and so off I went to purchase a natural deodorant that would allow my body to sweat as it was designed to, but would also allow me to raise my arms without shame in the public sphere.

I tried one...and another...and another! My bathroom shelves were lined with tubes and bottles of natural deodorants, none of which served to combat the embarrassing aroma arising from my pits, who were clearly getting their revenge for years of having their pores stopped up. Yikes!

I had three options: I could either give in and plug up those obnoxious sweat ducts, move to a remote location and become a hermit, or I could try to formulate my own deodorant that actually worked.

I chose the last option, and after much experimentation landed on a formulation that really worked to absorb moisture and odors. Success! The very first product of 'Cut the Crap Organics' was born.....and has stayed exactly the same since that time. Why reinvent the wheel after all?

Well, consider the wheel reinvented, because I have been doing a little tweaking of my very first formulation behind the scenes here. And I would like to formally introduce you to the Cut the Crap Organics Natural Deodorant...reborn!

What's so different about this 'New and Improved' formulation?

It contains a new ingredient called Zinc ricinoleate. This very cool compound is derived from Castor Oil, and it boasts the ability to trap and absorb odor molecules, keeping you fresh as a daisy all day long. It works with the original ingredients in the formulation, further boosting it's stink-busting qualities.

This awesome little tube of deodorant comes in three scent variations, each containing a different blend of essential oils. New to natural deodorant? Wanting to free up your pits to sweat as nature intended? Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current natural deodorant? Give this Natural Deodorant a available in it's new and improved version!

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