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Skincare Superstar Spotlight: Blue Tansy

There is something intriguing about this inky-blue essential oil. Undiluted, the pigment is so intense that it will stain fingers and balms or creams it imparts a beautiful blue hue and lovely herbaceous scent.

Where does this blue beauty come from, and why is it finding it's way into everything skincare?

The blue tansy plant (Tanacetum annuum) is related to fact you will often hear it called Moroccan Chamomile, as that is where it is grown. Surprisingly, the plant does not have the dark blue flowers you might expect....they are yellow! You would never guess such a vibrant shade of oil would be produced by such an average looking plant.

A compound call Chamazulene forms when the plant undergoes the steam distillation necessary to extract the essential oil. That is gives the oil its striking blue color, and also lends some pretty cool properties we can harness for skin care.

Inflammation, swelling and redness are all skin conditions that can be helped by chamazulene. Not only can it soothe and calm the skin, but aromatically it is used to do the same for the mind. A beauty & aromatherapy treatment in one!

Other oils in the 'blue' family that have similar properties to blue tansy are: German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow. All three have similar herbal, fruity-floral scents, with Blue Yarrow being the least floral among them.

Have you tried a product containing Blue Tansy? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Products containing Blue Tansy:

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